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What is this newsletter about?

Page by Page addresses some of the most common issues experienced by people working their way into and out of academia.

Who should subscribe to it?

Everyone! Especially anyone trying to amp up their writing, survive academia, or figure out their next career move.

How often will new installments come out?

Four times a month—twice for paid subscribers, and twice free for anyone and everyone.

What do I get if I pay for this?

You’ll get access to more in-depth discussions of the challenges and opportunities of the writing academic’s life, including access to all of my ‘Things that Worked’ series: a series of posts about the cover letters, pitches, abstracts, and strategies (including examples!) that have worked for me as I’ve built a career as a writer and scholar. In addition, one post every month will be dedicated to answering (anonymous!) questions submitted by paid subscribers—you’ll be able to email me your most pressing questions and see them answered in the first post of the month!

Who are you?

I’m a writer and medievalist based in Switzerland. You can find out more about my scholarly work here. I’m represented by Zoë Pagnamenta at the Zoë Pagnamenta Agency. I spend far too much of my life on Twitter @15thcgossipgirl.

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Mary Flannery

I’m a writer and medievalist based in Switzerland.